Thursday, December 27, 2007


I don't get you Anonymous. You leave comments all over the place. Some rude, some valid, some completely dumb. But I cant judge you. I have no reference point. Most of the time I scour comments from blogs I like. If someone says something interesting, I check their blog out and see what they have to offer. If someone says something dumb, I do the same. I can easily gage if the person is a moron or not. But you, Anonymous, you are sly. I have no way of gaging you. So I'm just going to have to assume you are a scaredy-cat punk who, when put to the test wouldn't be able to back up an ounce of what you dish.

Sorry Anonymous, but you lose. And when you do ever decide to leave a comment on my blog, just know that you will not be taken seriously.

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