Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Interview (double post)

So my interview for... on Friday. On the US website 'casual business' is listed under office attire. But I'm going for an HR managerial position (not a sales position in a shop, pleeeaaaaassse!) in Italy. So I'm thinking of going Diva Casual. I just made that up, so I'm not sure what it means. Not a suit, but not jeans either.

Something like this?

All Black with a big bag that pops?...

...Or simple with a jacket that stands out?

...Or the classic Black and White?

...Or what about bold and carefree like this?
all photos from the brilliant Sartorialist

And whats the rule on wearing the label to the interview? Should I absolutely avoid wearing anything LV? I mean, if someone came to my office wearing anything with my company's name on it, I would write them off as a completely challenged.

Input please!!!

PS, Ive also decided to post this here to get as much help as possible! Original post at BunkaMadison


Anonymous said...

I vote for either Look #1 or the last Look. As for wearing the label--I say no. But don't wear the direct competition either. Kinda' limits the choices, perhaps, but that's my input. Good luck!

Mélanie said...

Any look is great . SO , yes I know you are going to answer to me , to say that , just shut up ...
Well I want to express myself
SO mads what did you wear ????

Mélanie said...

I forgot no LV or a vintage one ,a piece to die for . That they don't even have it in their museum

MAds said...

In the end I wore a sea green lace skirt with a crisp white top and a black militairy style (but not over the top, just in terms of the cut) blazer. I got several compliments that day, so I'm guessing it was a nice outfit. Now I'm waiting for the 'call back'. If I get a second interview, I'll need more help!!!