Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am Bad Ass and I am the best person for the job, but the fact of the matter is that lightning just does not strike twice. Not in the same spot, at least.
And since Miss Brooke got word today that she has been approved for a government position in Korea with one of those sick expat contracts most normal people can only dream of...Well, the likeliness of my phone call being anything other than grim isnt very high.
Im not talking fair, Im just being statistically realistic. There is no way two people in the same household can both get their dream jobs in the same week.
Basically, I'm screwed.
Ps Please let this not be a reflection on how absurdly proud I am of my Miss Brooke who never gave up and never gave in. She is the definition of Bad Ass and whether I ever admit it or not, my idol.

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