Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Apology

Dear Racists,

I owe you an apology. Through the many emails and comments from both my Facebook friends and Blog readers alike, it has been brought to my attention the aggressive, offensive and confrontational nature of referring specifically to
White Men in my writings.

Moreover, just using the term 'White Man' has created a race based tension that I neither desire nor condone. The use of this term has, regrettably, led my readers to be reactionary and defensive, thus not allowing them to read with the ease and comfort that I have tried to provide.

I would like to redeem myself by no longer using the term 'White Man', henceforth referring to such group as Americans*. Because this great nation, inhabited and run by Americans, does not deserve to be judged on its past indiscretions, but on its current and future policies and ambitions. And as I'm sure all Americans will agree, this is now a nation of equality and opportunity for all who work the difficult path to achieve it. The mere fact that Sen. Barak Obama is a viable Presidential candidate is proof alone of that.

Furthermore, as true Americans, defending your borders, your economic structure and your values are tasks second to none. Terrorists, or those not willing to support and fight with Americans must answer for their treachery. Socially, people must be economically responsible for themselves, producing an environment beneficial to all Americans. Large corporations, with the wisdom and guidance of our most prominent Americans, must be given the ability to operate in this global market. Thus, providing jobs to countless Americans across class lines, who will in turn, contribute to the tax system that will support the American interests necessary to maintain the dominance it currently holds. Americans also hold values of family, religion and culture that are fundamental to the integral structure of the community. All true Americans have the right to hold and project these values to maintain not only a society which answers to a hight power, but one who is able to make the tough decisions necessary to promote and ensure its very existence.

So I ask you to think hard during the election process. I have come to realize that this is much less about my
shopping spree and far more about who you think will truly represent the Americans all around this country. Its about the Americans sitting at their kitchen tables worrying about how they are going to get to the end of the month.

Who has the best interests of those Americans in mind?

Only one can claim this. Only one is a true patriotic American.

Vote McCain.

The future of Americans all over this great nation depends on it.

*For those less offended by the use of 'White Man' feel free to substitute it for the word 'American' throughout this text.

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