Friday, September 12, 2008

One Drop

Dear Racists,

Actually, let me be more specific in this situation.

Dear White guys,

It seems that you have found yourselves in a tough position. On one side you have a White woman that could rip your balls off, and on the other a Black guy...Both equally scary.

It's sad that you may never get a job or promotion again.

For Women and Minorities, the decision will be between two men. For you, the choice will be between a Black guy and a White woman*.

I bring up the race of the candidates, because I kinda feel like you are forgetting that Barack is a Black Man. Now, I know it has been a bit confusing for some of you. I mean, Barack's mother was White, and he was raised by his Midwest White grandparents. The guy even went to Harvard. You may feel like it would be okay to let him pass.

But I need to remind you of the 'One Drop Rule'. This rule states that no matter what the person has done in their lives or what they look like, if they have one drop of Black blood, they are Black. No exceptions. It doesn't matter that he may be able to relate to you better than he can to me. You need to remember that when all the smoke clears, he is Black and Black is BAD.

And don't forget, his mom may have been White, but his Dad was like super Black. We are talking African Black.

This guy barely even shows up in photos, kinda Black...

I need you to think of this man when you think of Obama. It will make things easier for you.

Also, please remember that the woman can be knocked out with one good sucker punch. And remember, you will always be able to find a way to use her kids against her. But those Black guys tend to be more difficult to fight.

Plus, he probably has a bigger penis than you.

Vote McCain.

Mamma also needs a new pair of boots.

* Dont believe me? Check out this forum on NPR. Listen to the whole thing and start being honest with yourselves.

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